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Planscope Logo

I’ve just started on a new project and the guys im working with are using the awesome Planscope for project management, if you haven’t used it or heard of it then its definitely worth checking out. The only downside is that they dont seem to have any native apps which isn’t a major problem but I’m a fan of keeping my tasks separate to my browser. Which brings Fluid to the rescue, again!  From their own site:

Turn Your Favorite Web Apps into Real Mac Apps.

I use Fluid for a number of different apps, mainly task managers when there isn’t a native alternative, its fast and has some awesome features if you pay for the upgrade ($4.99) such as full screen apps and task bar apps which is defiantly worth it in my opinion.

So back to Planscope, unfortunately I couldn’t find a high-res version of their logo to use with Fluid and being on a Retina Macbook Pro every pixel counts so I created one and im posting it here to share with the community, enjoy!






Click though for 512 x 512 version.


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